Wednesday, April 27, 2005


It is impossible to get work done while listening to Portishead. Particularly when one considers Portishead really great make-out music and there are no boys in sight.

*le sigh*

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


A few thoughts on the new pope. And only because I am a total NPR junkie do I actually have a somewhat informed opinion. But, this is the opinion of a (very) non-catholic atheist who is opposed to religion in all forms and whose knowledge of the pope is largely historical. I know more about Sixtus V (a 16th century pope) than JPII. And I was alive for most of his papal par-tay.

The Pope. Il Papa. Popezilla.

I find it interesting that he is a conservative Catholic. Mostly because even liberal Catholics are still conservative. Of course, I think pretty much everyone is too conservative. Specially the Catholics...and the Mormons...and the Republicans...and the Democrats too. (Would all screaming left liberals please raise your vegan smoothies and adjust your hemp undies?)

He used to be head of the "Office of the Doctrine of the Faith", aka THE INQUISITION. ("The inquisition, what a show...the inquisition, here we go...I bet you're wishin', that we'd just go away-ay-ay-ay...but the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!" Name that movie!) That it still exists, in any form, just reinforces the fact that the Vatican is still stuck in the 15th century. Maybe if "Benny to tha' 1-6" (his street name) works real hard, he could possibly break into 1501...just maybe.

He used to be a German solider during WW2. Granted, he deserted, since he was probably forced into service in the first place and we all know what happens when you say "no" to Hitler. However, he still looks like a Nazi. He is the stuff bad, bad dreams are made of.

His name, Ratzinger, (besides beginning with the word "rat") reminds me of John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff on Cheers. So I picture Cliff dressed up in the papal tiara swilling beer, perched on a barstool. (If only I had Photoshop....)

In all honesty, I'm jealous that he speaks Italian better than I do (and German for that matter!), although if I had been hanging out in Roma for the last 20 years, I'd be pretty damn good at it too. I'm also jealous that he gets to hang out in the Stanza della Segnatora, and the Stanza dell'Incendio, and the other papal apartments, featuring frescoes by Raphael. (And I remembered the names of the rooms, thanks to a very lovely boy I know...who cursed "goddamnit!" while in the Vatican. One of the reasons he's so lovely.)

However, the saving grace of all this mess - the dude is freakin 79 years old. He could kick off tomorrow for all anybody knows. Personally, I was hoping for a longer, more drawn out and dramatic selection process. And what were those cardinals thinking? You get sequestered with Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling and you call it quits after a day and a half? Idiots....

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mac Whore-dom

I have turned into a Mac nerd lately. Three large-ish purchases, all 'puter related. And I'm so excited about them.

One, an 80GB LaCie hard drive, so that my precious research (translation: tunes) won't ever be lost. But seriously, this is on the sane end of the scale of "things people do to protect their thesis/dissertation". And my tunes have their own little home on my 20GB Archos Jukebox external drive/mp3 player. Problem is, it's full. A little rearranging is in order.

Two, an AirPort Extreme card, that has become complicated. See, the ultra cute Mac boy at the Apple Store told me that since my computer is all of 18 months old, I need the original AirPort Card, not the AirPort Extreme card. This requires ordering, rather than just picking up in the store. AirPort card arrives, and it doesn't fit. (And yes, I know how to install the damn thing.) Turns out, I DO need the AirPort Extreme card and cute boy was so wrong. But he's still cute. Now I'm debating if I want to a) go to the Apple Store AGAIN (I've been spending too much time there recently) and get what I really need, or b) just order it and avoid the mall completely.

And Three, by far the most exciting, I've preordered the new Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger". I've never been this jazzed about an operating system before in my life. Plus, with an education discount, it only cost me $69 (normally $129 for a single user), free shipping, and it will be delivered on the day it is first available.

I love being a Mac geek/whore.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Sorry Sarah...

...I had to kick your ass. While drinking. Heh.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Random Distrations

There are two websites that I now read on a pretty much daily basis. "Pretty much" since one is updated daily, while the other is not. I'd like to share them.

#1 - Dooce (
I have no connection to this woman at all. I stumbled across her blog by randomly clicking on things (which I do sometimes). Now, I read everyday. Too funny. And the pictures are good. In some ways, I feel like a weird pesudo-stalker, but at the same time, I know others are doing the same damn thing. I appreciate the sarcasm and appropriate use of capitalization. People go a little crazy with the capitals sometimes and I don't like to be yelled at. If you check out the Categories, there are interesting (and hysterically funny) entires about Mormonism (the author being an ex-mormon), working in L.A., and remodeling a kitchen. Random, certainly. But you will laugh so much that you just might spit coffee all over your computer.

#2 - Meg's Boyfriend of the Week (
You must check out the Boyfriend Archive. It includes some of my most favorite people in the Wishful-Thinking-Boyfriend category. Basically, the gist of the site is the Boyfriend of the Week (usually an actor, but the occasional musician appears) is selected and described, justification for selection is included, and at the end a percentage (a score) is assigned. The score is based on the fact that MacGyver = 100% and is the man against which all others are measured. Right on, sister. The fact that she includes Clive Owen, all male cast members of CSI, and David Gray (I know Sarah will appreciate this) makes this my newest favorite site. I agree with most, but definitely not all, of her choices for Boyfriend of the Week. However, I'm fairly sure I'm in a minority when I disagree with the choice of Brad Pitt for Boyfriend of the Week, since I've never been too fond of him. But there are TWO entires for Colin Firth, so all is forgiven.