Monday, May 30, 2005

Casually throwing lingerie...

I've spent most of the weekend NOT working on the full draft of my master's thesis due on Wednesday. What I was doing instead was working out the scale for the floorplan of my new apartment (why anyone would draw out a plan and not include the scale, I don't know), transferring the plan to graph paper (my favorite paper product in the universe, besides toilet paper), measuring my furniture, and figuring out where everything is going to go.

I'm an architectural historian. Scale drawings are what I do for fun. Did I ever mention I own water proof graph paper? This can also be taken as an indication of how badly I want out of fucking Fox Run. "Experienced and efficient maintenance staff" my ass, ya bitches. (I feel better now...)

The only potential trouble spot is the living room. I've got to get at least two bookcases, my futon, at least one POANG chair and POANG footstool (love Ikea names), and my dining table with chairs in there. At this point, I don't know where any of the electrical or cable outlets are, so all arrangements are tentative at this point. I can inherit (for free!) a shelving unit (FJUS shelves at Ikea) from the 'rents since they have extra and my kitchen has about two cabinets.

I'm trying to avoid buying things since a) I have all the basics, and b) I have no money to spare. However, I'd like to get an oriental-style rug for the living room. The carpet throughout the apartments is poop brown. And while I have various area rugs, I'd like a little cohesion in the living room. More exciting than the rug is that I'll need some sort of divider between the bedroom and the alcove, since the alcove is the office and I need particular and definite seperation between my work and sleeping spaces. It's a wide opening for a curtain, so I am going to get a...

folding screen!!

I've always wanted one of these. Target has some nice ones, for not too much money. Not only can I section off the room, I can casually throw all of my slinky lingerie over the screen...

Though I'm fairly sure that my two slips and random pairs of oddly patterned tights do not count as slinky lingere. Neither does my pair of undies that have cows on them who are saying "Qui a die...Grosse vache?", "Oh la vache!", and "Vachement cool...". (And the spelling errors are theirs. I think it's supposed to be "vraiment", if I remember correctly from 10th grade.)

Oh well, a girl can dream with her folding screen...


Friday, May 27, 2005

...a casa mia.

I found an apartment and it's all mine!!

Didn't get the Delfe Building (my first choice), but the one right next to it, #1508. [See website: ] First floor (nice!), pretty standard one bedroom kinda apartment. Only 12 units in the whole building, no kids, and all of the residents are my age or older, so it should be quiet. And all for only $795 a month. There are a buch of shops right across the street, and lots of things to walk to (which is why I wanted to be in Trolley Square). Plus, PARKS (and one is a dog park, so maybe dog-less, boy-less me can find a cute boy with a cute dog at the dog park...hehe), lots of walking paths along the river. So excited. On street parking, but I get a free permit from the city.

I get the keys on July 1, though my lease here at poopy Fox run isn't over until July 31st, but I plan on using the month to move as much as I can by myself. That way I don't have to spent a ton getting somebody else to do it. And I don't like the idea of other people packing up my stuff. Here's some info on the surrounding area - lots of this stuff is right across/down the street from me [ ]. So happy to be back in a city.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Space pod interior...

Space pod interior...
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Space pod exterior...

Space pod exterior...
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

And the winner is...


I picked up the car yesterday. Took almost three hours (and thus I missed two other things I was suppsed to do) but she's mine! (The car is definately a she, but I don't know about a name...I'm not into naming objects...though I was considering "Blueberry".) I will take some pictures on Tuesday when I go home, and then post them.

Thus far, it's a great car to drive. Very little overall (almost a foot shorter than my Civic) but taller, and you sit up a bit higher. That's one of the things I didn't like about my Honda - you were sitting on the ground and couldn't see a damn thing. The cd player has fulfilled my every wish, and it's programmable for a text "welcome message" that's displayed for about 15 seconds when you start the car. Mine says "Don't Panic", ala Hitchhikers. My cell phone says the same thing. And that same LCD display you can set for a specific color, but I like it on Mixer so it changes ever 10 seconds or so. The interior is very "space pod" according to Becky, and I'd agree. It's a Jetsons car. Also loving the four doors and the hatchback - uber convenient.

Sarah, you would love this car. Though I think I could see you in an xB (that's the box-y one.) You seem like an xB kinda girl. :oP


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Baby did a bad, bad thing...

She went cd shopping!

But not on purpose. Anyways, I got "Get Lifted" by John Legend. Very good stuff.

And "Latin: The Essential Album", so I have the proper music when I salsa and mambo my way around the apartment...alone.


No news yet on when I get my car. Have to call the guy today to get the VIN number to complete the insurance forms, so perhaps he will be able to tell me when I can take possession. My Civic goes back to the dealer tomorrow, and then the Great Car Swap of 2005 begins. For a few days I have to drive Mom's CRV, and after that, I don't know. I think my currently unemployed brother should chauffeur me around, in exchange for me pointing out the sorostitutes in Newark. See, everybody wins.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fin...And some other randomness.

The Great French Doctor Debacle of 2005 has ended. He called, I ignored him, he got the hint. End of story.

I got myself made co-chair of the material culture symposium for 2006. Me, the girl who hates to be in charge and just recently learned to delegate. Ask me again how I feel about this in the fall when all the fun really starts. Though it's going to look great on my CV.

I've been out two Saturdays in a row! Last weekend was Kingdom of Heaven. This weekend Becky's boyfriend was visiting so we went out to dinner at Ali Baba's (hooray for Moroccan food!) so Leon could see I was a real person. Apparently everyone in Becky's family thinks I'm her imaginary friend that she made up so when she drinks martini's on Thursdays during CSI, she's not drinking alone. I'm real. I also drink martini's.

And finally, today I did nothing I needed to do. Instead, I started making cd's to put in the new car. 6 done, some more to go. So exciting...


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Popcorn and Crazy French Doctors...

First off, I saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy last night. *gasp* Two movies in three days, shocking!

Anyways, it's quite good. And this is coming from a girl who has read the books so many times she can't remember how many and can recite (pretty much) all six volumes, listened to the original radio broadcasts no less than 10 times, has played the video game, AND sat through a PBS pledge drive to carefully tape the BBC mini-series.

My only complaint - Marvin was a little too...round. I always pictured him looking more like CP3O from Star Wars. And, specially since Alan Rickman *growl* does the voice, and his voice is not very round. It's rather tall and thin, but anyhoo. And the guy who plays Arthur - spot on!! Favorite quote, "I'll handle this - I'm British. I know how to queue." (P.S. That wasn't in the original. Nice addition.)

Second, the crazy French doctor called today. I didn't get the call, was in class, and he didn't leave a message. I really don't want to talk to him. But would feel guilty for being a total bitch and ignoring the calls.

What to do, what to do...

And then he called again. Just once more. Thank heavens for caller ID.

Ack. Just ack. And an oie vay for good measure.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mmmmm, popcorn....

Just saw "Kingdom of Heaven." It's quite good, very Ridley Scott (which means lots of slow motions scenes and gallons of fake blood.)

Two things you learn from watching this movie, but you already knew.

One, Orlando Bloom is a hottie. Even when he's dirty.

Two, a lot of stupid shit has been carried out (and in still being carried out) in the name of a god. Doesn't matter what god, it's still fucking stupid. People are idiots.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Car Update

Requested the new car today! Had to get a different color, due to timing issues (well, issue singular - being that my lease will be up and I can't be without a car.) So instead of black cherry pearl, I'm getting indigo ink pearl, which was in fact my alternate favorite Scion color. So all is well. I can't find a good picture of the new color, but if you want to go to and play on their website, you can find it there. (The website is kinda fun, if you have a few minutes to play...)

Also (after living here for almost 2 years) finally got my Delaware drivers license. Best ID picture ever! I actually like it. Weird.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Parlez-vouz francais?

My Somewhat Surreal Day, or The Crazy French Doctor (A Long Story)

I do solemnly swear, on a pound of real Kona coffee (hey, I was going for something sacred) that the following story is completely true. Even though it's gonna sound like it isn't. And I want comments on this one, damnit!

This morning I had an appointment to do research at the Wistar Institute at Penn. Ok fine. Their archive wasn't as good as I had hoped, but that's all right. I get done there about noon and begin to walk back to my car. Up one block (from Spruce to Walnut) and over two blocks (from 36th to 38th). I'm just at the entrance to the parking garage when I hear a "hello" next to me. I turn slightly to my left and there's a fairly non-descript guy next to me, smiling like a fool. Great, I think, strange man talking to me. So I say "hi" in a very dismissive, non-committal way. Girls have to master this skill as sometimes strangers talk to us and we must know how to quickly be rid of them with the least amount of interaction possible.

The guy continues to walk beside me. I've now missed the entrance to the garage, but I was thinking of taking a walk, just for kicks to view the lovely landscape of West Philly. He keeps talking. Asking little questions. Wants to know where I'm from. Surprised I'm not European. He is - French to be exact. He's very polite, and a little too enthusiastic. His name is Sebastian, from Paris. I continue with the small talk since I'm so damn polite, and though I tried to ditch him by going down 40th street, no dice. He wants to know if I'd like to get coffee.

I start thinking. Real fast. On one hand, this guy I met approximately two minutes before wants to get coffee and that's potentially fine. Plenty of people around, and since I'm a grown up and can take care of myself, I consider this option. On the other hand, he could be totally psycho. But, anybody could be. I decide to be brave. I need to be brave more often. We keep walking to find coffee. He's rather touchy feely, but that's a French thing. He's not creepy. Not particularly attractive or anything, but not creepy. We get to coffee.

Tell me everything, he says. I want to know it all, all about you. Damn, I think, I know I've heard this in a movie. The conversation continues in this vein. I've never been to Paris; he'll take me, and show me everything. His family lives in North Africa; do I want to see Algiers? Seriously, a fucking movie script and I'm not impressed. Totally useless conversation. But I couldn't tell him to fuck off. He did get me coffee and was nice. But that's all he is - nice, full stop. If I never see him again, I won't notice.

I ask if he's a student at Penn. Yes, in a way. He's actually an MD and has to do two years at an American school to be certified to practice in the states. A French doctor randomly asked me to coffee. He says I'm so beautiful, that's why. I've decided that I said yes to the coffee due to the shock of some guy telling me I was beautiful. This is bad.

He wants my phone number, asks if he can call me. At this point, I expect him to propose marriage. He's VERY enthusiastic. I am nonplussed. I am polite and conversational, but totally indifferent to this guy. No attraction what so ever. Some guys you see and want to tear their clothes off, regardless of the fact if they have a personality or not - they could still be fun for a little while. Or, others you talk to them for a bit and you like them for that. This guy, no, neither, uh uh. He writes down my number, lost his cell phone last week, and says he will call. Wants me to visit him this weekend. I say I'm busy ('cuz I am, thesis due yo - that wasn't even an excuse) and he says he will just call to see how I am. Keeps saying how beautiful I am. I am getting tired of this, feeling steamrolled by the French doctor. Plus, he needed a bath. Clothes were clean, he wasn't. And I CAN NOT abide boys who don't smell good. Sorry no. I say I have to go (I do, sorta).

Walks me back to the parking garage, telling me how we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. No, more than that! he says. He's very enthusiastic, have I mentioned that? I thanked him for the coffee. Gives me a hug, a reminder that he did in fact need a bath (ugh!) and remains set on calling me. I walk up five flights to my car and laugh hysterically at what just happened. And yes, I was looking cute today, but that’s no excuse.

Do I want to talk to the French doctor again? Not really so much. What to do if he calls? Haven’t a clue, but don’t want to be a bitch, even to a doctor who I will most likely never ever see again (though I’m spending more and more time at Penn and in the general West Philly area).

Now here’s the rub. Me – dateless since forever, would really like a boy, doesn’t want this boy. I reserve the right to be picky. Though a trend is developing – boys (two specifically, since I don’t count that weird kid in fourth grade who sent me the “do you like me? Check the yes or no box” note) have explicitly (today) and somewhat more subtly (freshman year in Boston, oh the drama) like me, but I don’t like them like that. The doctor today – overwhelming, but I’m proud of myself for even attempting the coffee excursion and executing it with style. The guy freshman year – a very good friend, who I just wasn’t interested in.

Why can’t any of the guys I like ever like me? I attract guys I’m not at all attracted to (and Sebastian needing a bath was only part of it). I’m just hoping he loses my number, never calls, and I don’t have to figure out how to tell him I’m not interested.

Am I crazy, or does any of this make sense?

I think I need a glass of wine…and all I have is a French red, ha!!

Peace, love, and crazy French doctors…

Sunday, May 01, 2005


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I have come to the decision that on Tuesday morning I must venture into a big, scary car dealership all by myself and request my new car...

I'm writing exactly what I want on a super-sticky note, handing it to the dude (cuz it's always a dude) and telling him that I want it on the 14th with the best financing plan ever in the history of the universe.

And I will get it, damnit!

What is want is: xA in Black Cherry Pearl, with exterior accessories in the form of fog lights, and interior accessories in the form of a stereo upgrade to the Pioneer 6-disc CD.

Isn't it pretty?!?!?!