Thursday, June 30, 2005

You're pretty when I'm drunk...

I believe that the people at the ABC Liquor Store now know me by name.

But it's only because I was appointed "Booze Procurement Officer" for 4th of July.

And because I'm moving next Friday and I'm relieving them of a great number of lovely sturdy, FREE boxes.

I may make another trip tomorrow.

Also in the course of packing up the apartment, specifically my cd collection, I've been experiencing a R.E.M. renaissance. They've always been my very favorite band for about the last 15 or so years, but lately I've been listening to a load of other things (hooray for used cd's from Amazon). But I listened to "In Time" the other day and have been consequently listening to all their albums (since I own ALL of them). The real point of this is that I stumbled across the video for "Animal", which was a new song on "In Time" and can I just say Damn! Michael Stipe looks good! He was always attractive in that tortured artist/intelligent and well-spoken way, but in the video it's more in a "Why don't you remove a few more of your clothes" kinda way. I think this also coincides with my personal revelation that I've got a thing for bald/bald-ish guys. It's more than a trend folks, it's a fact. Like me realizing I'm a shoe girl - although that happened about two years ago.

Alright, must find some substantial food 'afore I go out for drinks with my historian friends.

Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me.
Today I need something more sub-sub-sub-substantial.
A can of beans or blackeyed peas, some Nescafe and ice...

(Name that tune!!)

Monday, June 27, 2005

From the desk of...

TeaTable42 (12:00:49 AM): guess where i was today?
BoxFive (12:00:53 AM): where?
TeaTable42 (12:00:59 AM): the red sox game!
TeaTable42 (12:01:13 AM): k, i guess technically it was a phillies game but i went to see the red sox
BoxFive (12:01:16 AM): awesome!
TeaTable42 (12:01:36 AM): and i was in the company of red sox fans...we formed our own little enclave
BoxFive (12:01:59 AM): yay
BoxFive (12:02:07 AM): it was a good gam
TeaTable42 (12:02:20 AM): i think it's kinda funny that i had to go to a game in philly to see the red sox...i'd still like to get to fenway at some point
TeaTable42 (12:02:24 AM): and it was a good game
BoxFive (12:03:34 AM): yeah well all but one of the 5 games i've gone to this year
BoxFive (12:03:36 AM): they've lost
BoxFive (12:03:37 AM): haha
TeaTable42 (12:04:56 AM): but they're in first place and that's what really counts...and 6 games ahead of the yankees
BoxFive (12:05:02 AM): exactly
BoxFive (12:05:14 AM): the yankees are a big heaping pile of 200 million dollar goo
BoxFive (12:05:15 AM): lol
TeaTable42 (12:05:26 AM): hehe
TeaTable42 (12:07:19 AM): ok, i'm off to up at 6:15 today, ugh...but just wanted to make sure i told you about the game, knew you'd be proud for me standing up to all those philly fans
BoxFive (12:07:40 AM): i am very proud!

Evie is proud of me, yay!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Danger, Will Robinson...


New "Danger Food" (i.e. something that you feel compelled to eat the whole box/bag in an uncontrollable spasm of yumminess)...

Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits.

And I thought the plain ones were pretty good. Damn. These are just salty and oily enough to satiate the ravenous beast known as "munchies" without totally killing one's healthy eating plan.

And speaking of health - today I got all of my vitamin C from two "Orange Crush" drinks at Deer Park - juice of a whole orange, Van Gogh vodka, triple sec, and a splash of Sprite. Very refreshing, not too sweet, and very dangerous. You can't really taste the booze and don't know you're in trouble until you try to stand up and walk.

(I only had two, I had to drive myself home. I walked like a pro.)

Of course now I've got cracker crumbs in the keyboard...oops.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Because I need another distraction...

15 Years Ago (1990), I:
1. Turned 10
2. Was in the fourth grade
3. Went to North Carolina for the first time
4. I think we got our dog Niki that year...dunno.

10 Years Ago (1995), I:
1. Turned 15
2. Started high school, four mostly wasted years
3. Was the historian of the Key Club
4. Got picked on by my english teacher for reading "Tropic of Cancer" in class (she was appalled my mother let me read it).
5. Became good friends with a guy I'd previously had a huge crush on.

5 Years Ago (2000), I:
1. Was a sophomore at Emerson
2. Didn't march indoor/outdoor for the first time in a while.
3. Had to transfer schools and leave my friends.
4. Met my best friend in the whole world.
5. Worked my first summer at Indian Creek Foundation, and contemplated running away from work every. single. day.

4 Years Ago (2001), I:
1. Started at UD, and was miserable.
2. Turned 21 and had a Manhattan as my first official drink
3. Worked my last summer at Indian Creek, nights this time.
4. Took a summer painting class and didn't like to follow the rules (I used my fingers, and you don't usually with oil paint)

3 Years Ago (2002), I:
1. Started hanging out with the University Courtyards crew, which later turned out to be a mistake, and was dubbed "Beer Pong Scholarship Girl"
2. Went to a party in Baltimore, took a limo
3. Worked at the reserve room at the library some more
4. Took summer classes and had a 4.0 gpa
5. Interned at a museum and realized I never want to work in a museum.

2 Years Ago (2003), I:
1. Turned 23, which is a nothing kinda birthday.
2. Got my B.A.
3. Got accepted to every graduate program I applied to (5!!)
4. Turned down Tufts for the second time.

5. Started graduate school.

1 Year Ago (2004), I:
1. Started learning German...ugh
2. Started my masters thesis
3. Rocked the research assistant job
4. Spent the summer practicing my Italian
5. Did my first elevation plan drawing

This Year (2005), I:
1. Was accepted into the PhD program
2. Finished my masters thesis (well, next month)
3. Was still battling the Albatros that is the language exam
4. Got my amazing new Scion xA, which I love with all my heart
5. Learned why I love the 18th century so much

Yesterday, I:
1. Did laundry
2. Called about a quote from the movers
3. Got mad at my mother
4. Bought a 5th row ticket for the David Gray show at the Merriam
5. Bought myself a fig at the grocery store (a fresh fig, not of the Newton variety)

Today, I:
1. Drank two cups of coffee
2. Listened to Steve Wonder's Greatest Hits, Volume 2
3. Will go to the mall later with Anna where we will act like 13 year olds (except I'm 24 and she's 30). Though even when I was 13 I didn't act like a 13 year old.

5 TV Shows I Like:
1. CSI
2. House
3. The Daily Show
4. Jimmy Newtron
5. MI-5

Places I've Lived:
1. Franconia, Pa.
2. Boston, Ma.
3. Newark, De.

Now wasn't that fun?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Swimmin' pools and movie stars...

In bands.

Normally I'm quite suspicious about the whole model to actress, or actor to musician routine. I think because many of these people suck at both, but we, the poor huddled masses, are subjected to double exposure of these usually annoying people that end up as D list celebrities trying to revive their careers on reality television.

But I digress...

Wednesday I was listening to WXPN ( the bestest Philly radio station and heard a song I'd never heard before but really liked. I've found lots of people I really like this way. This is why WXPN is so good - I never know what I'll hear but I generally like it...a lot. I discovered Jamie Cullum and Inara George and Citizen Cope and Snow Patrol (though I've never heard the rest of their album, just the song "Run") this way. And, even better, the station is excellent about promoting local music and getting their playlists up in a timely manner and they make it very easy to find a song you heard but didn't catch the name, or enough of the lyrics to google them. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love the fact that "google" is now a verb?) So I heard a song on Wednesday, really liked it, looked it up yesterday. Turns out it's called "Tired of Being Sorry" by Ringside. Turn to the trusty internet to listen again and find some info about the band. The album gets decent reviews - generally characterized as good but not life altering. I consider purchasing it since I like the singer's scratchy voice, and when I find it for 3.99 used on, I get it. And my continued efforts to unearth some info about the band leads me to their website ( where I discover that a) they are impossibly good looking, and b) one looks very familiar but I don't know why. (And this is where my earlier diatribe comes in...) The familiar looking one is an actor, though I've never seen any of his movies, he's still familiar. What is remarkable is that their music doesn't suck and, supposedly, this guy is a good actor. Who knew this was even possible. Ringside has been opening for Weezer (no small feat) a band who I have really like for, well ever, and I have none of their albums. Just the random song here and there ("Say It Ain't So" is my favorite). Perhaps I should investigate the possibility of filling out my Weezer collection, though I'm totally out of CD storage devices. They are just piled all over right now. I think this problem deserves a trip to Ikea.

And while I'm procrastinating (need to clean my apartment today - and need in the way that Tammy Faye Baker needs a new makeup artist) I watched "The Transporter" last night. Not too bad, but not too good. The soundtrack was excellent however. After some more music research, I spent a lot of yesterday online, I find a problem. There is a soundtrack. However, the British one is different than the American one and harder to find without ordering directly from our Anglican friends and spending dollars I don't have (and with the exchange rate being what it is, lots of dollars I don't have). The American one isn't bad, in fact, looks good. But the British one has all the nice techno mixes, while the American one has been reduced solely to rap and rap-ish. (I hate the labels for types of music, can you tell? I also hate labels for kinds of art too, but that's another story...). I'm considering finding the track list for the British version and perhaps trying to cobble it together. iTunes was no help at all (even with the American stuff) so I shall do some more research and see what happens.

Oh, and the movie itself - Bond without the morality. Jason Statham plays the lead (he was fabulous in Snatch, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels). He fairs with a good amount of success, if only the rest of the cast and the dialogue didn't suck so much - it falls between hokey and super-hokey. It's an action movie with too much action, though he spends lots of time with his shirt off and that's ok with me (British eye candy, my favorite kind). Plot wise - if you've seen "The Hire" films that BMW did a few years ago, you've pretty much seen The Transporter. Thing is that "The Hire" series had Clive Owen and we all know how I feel about him. (And if you don't know I'm give you an example - he was on the cover of the March issue of Equire and I was thisclose to going over to the magazine rack in Brew HaHa where I saw it and licking the cover.)

Alright. As the Mad Hatter said in Alice in Wonderland, "Enough of this folderol!"


Friday, June 03, 2005

Decisions, descisions.

Apparently, if I changed my mind and decided to give up on this whole architectural historian thing, my best career alternative would be to become a bookie.

This follows other career advice suggesting I join the mafia, because like being a bookie, who would suspect me?

Of course, my plan would be to become a croupier.

peace, love, and illegal betting...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's that time again...


With much love from the Pookster.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

People are idiots. Well, as least some of them...

This morning I turned in the form stating that I would not be renewing my lease at the end of July.

This afternoon the complex office called and left a message wanting to know what they could do to change my mind about vacating.

I just laughed.